Issue affecting Chase and Store & Forward merchants


The issue has been resolved. We will continue monitoring throughout the day.


We have tested a fix and deployed it to our Chicago Data Center. We will be returning Store & Forward to its normal behavior, and monitoring the situation for the following 30 minutes.

Problem Identified

Our team is in the process of deploying a hotfix to address this issue. We aim to have an update available by 1pm ET.

Until that point, Store and Forward will remain enabled for all merchants as a result of this issue.


Due to a change made overnight by J.P. Morgan Chase, customers using that processor may be experiencing higher than usual decline rates. As a precautionary measure, we have activated our Store & Forward service for merchants using that product, which will require that your customers swipe their cards rather than using their EMV chips.

We working to resolve the problem and will provide updates as soon as possible.